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Late Night Stay with a Stock Trader

You know how stock market is and how much pressure traders have to face. It is a well paying job, but achieving daily targets does take a toll on person health.

One night a stock trader booked me for leisure service. He arrived in my apartment on time. He was a mere 22 years old but looked older than his age. He seemed to be really tired and sad when he arrived. He told me how he faces pressure on daily basis and it has started affecting his health.

I made him a drink to calm his nerves and sat facing his face. I unbuttoned my top and put his right hand on my left breasts. Like a nature instinct, he started fondling my bosom. I could see his organ getting hard as his hand squeezed my bosom.

Seeing him excited enough, I sat on his lap and gave him a deep kiss on his lips. He embraced me tightly while lip locking and his hands unhooked my bra. He moved his hands all over my bare back while kissing. From lips, he moved down to get a taste of my neck. I loved it when his tongue rolled over my neck while he held me tight in his arms. I too removed his shirt to get a feel of his muscular body.

The stock trader had a great body despite being young and having grey hairs too. I loved the feel of his muscular body. I removed his underwear while kissing to get a feel of his dick. In excitement, the guy removed my panties too. His dick was already hard with enough foreplay. He inserted his dick inside my vagina while embracing me tightly in his arms.

He kissed all over my neck especially on bosom while thrusting deep inside my body. Soon, his speed increased and finally he released himself inside my body. I screamed with excitement when he did this and in return scratch his back showing how much I was loving it.

The guy then gently put me on bed, ran his hands over my bosom, my navel and my pussy. I started panting heavily with excitement. The trader came on top of me and kissed me from top to bottom. While kissing, he spread my legs wide open and inserted his dick inside my vagina. He kept moving his cock while his lips moved all over my body. Within half an hour, I achieved my second orgasm. After that, both of us went to the deep sleep.

I was glad to see a smile on trader face after such a great sexual experience. He thanked me for great night and asked me whether he can visit me again. He was such a nice person that I couldn’t refuse. I told him he can visit me anytime of the day. His smile widened as he told me that he would visit me soon again.

Till date; It was my best sexual experience which I still fondly remember.

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