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Suddenly, I pictured the woman in a red dress with a rose in her hair and high heels had joined the bar, along with other girls. They had their backs to the doorway, so that I couldn’t see their faces.
Who are they for? I thought about this trinity. They look like prostitutes from the streets and then I notice how the men commenced to look at them and pay them attention. It looks like this, business is popular, but I could not believe that the women with a such appearance could have the admirers. But they behaved. I feel a such pitiless about the humanities. Because the reason why they could have better.

No one can imagine how shocked I felt when I saw Mama Rosa with her girls.

Mama Rosa smiled when she was happy. The happiest time in her life was when she feels the smell of money.

I was surprised and I could not understand why I don't have an escort service in Moscow.

What kind of problems could be open the escort service in Moscow. I realized that I can do things. The next day I start calling to my girlfriends who use to work in the Night Flight as a call-girl and ask them if they would not mind to work in my agency. They smiled wryly and asked when I opened my own business. I don't want to confuse the girls and said I did already for a long while.

It was not so easy to run escort business in Moscow, but I went. I created the website and start working with Google. The Google was strict with this type of business, but study the promotions of adult services I succeed. I know what to do and I recognize what my clients like. They want to receive the best service in the world and they know if they would call me any day any time within 24 hours they will get the service. If you would not reach me by the phone you can connect me by Viber or What’s up. I hope one day I will be famous and many clients reading the article about my escort girls would say
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